La Religione Dei Ricordi

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A Religion of Memories

Text by Samir Galal Mohamed


This is a «religion» that has nothing to do with a particular or detailed confession, let alone it shares nothing – it has nothing in common – with a generic and indefinite reference to «memories».
Here we want to stress the preposition «of»: that interval, which is almost an interstice, that interruption that connects and concatenates the two nouns. De facto, the place where we stand is, precisely, in the relation between the two terms.

As if we want to state: without memories, that is without someone or something to commemorate, remember or recollect, there is no religion – or better, no religion is provided. Similarly, there is no – we don’t feel pain for any – memory if we lack a certain sense of mysticism, that is without something or somebody – the ineffable – to which address, direct or devote our thoughts. It is a grammar that degrades every clause on hard facts.

There is nothing but an interval, an entr’acte: an interlude, a wait, a hesitance; and on the other hand, in the expectation, in the interruption and in the suspense, there is nothing but an incessant and intermittent rituality, performativity and theatricality. In other words, a production.

A memory production: that is what a religion of memories is, that is what our religion of memories is:

memory and destination. Dwelling and vector. A cemetery

to overthrow, over the Romanesque bridge, over the beach… memory

and destruction. The reason for which it cannot be




Mare Nero is delighted to present La Religione dei Ricordi, a residency program that will take place in Calascibetta (Sicily) on July 2018.

La Religione dei Ricordi takes the form of a month-long residency and will culminate in an exhibition in the archaeological sites of Necropoli di Realmese and Villaggio Bizantino Canalotto. The group of artists will produce works in direct response to these unique sites of historical and cultural significance, working in a range of mediums and fostering opportunities for multi-disciplinary dialogues between one another.

Residency duration: 01/07/2018 – 28/07/2018
Opening: 28/07/2018

Participating Artists:

Mark Barker
Nicola Fucili
Federico Gargaglione
Diego Miguel Mirabella
Elisa Mossa
Father Murphy

Supported by: Town of Calascibetta, Hisn Al-Giran, Wolfgang Tillmans & Between Bridges Foundation.

Installation views by Filippo Nicoletti.